Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jesco White: A Tribute

Our dog has been sad lately. He probably knows that he's about to lose a bunch of attention when Cameron Thomas (a.k.a. The Little Legend) arrives. Therefore, we thought it would be fitting to give Jesco his very own tribute. A quick profile:

Name: Jesco
Aliases: Jessie, Jesco White, Jess, Elvis
Named After: This dude
Breed: Golden Retriever
Hobbies: Sleeping, Eating, Barking
Fears: Trash Cans or anything that moves
Favorite Meal: Purina Dog Chow and Water. Occasionally a pillow.
Other Skills:
- Super Tornado Spin (see video below)
- Tap Dances (see video below)
- Wags tail at 150mph (see video below)

Other Necessary Facts:
- Jesco has more joy than any human we've ever met.
- His adventurous heart has led to him being sprayed by a skunk twice.
- Devon's mom believes he fears trashcans because he was "abused by a trash man." (This rumor is unconfirmed)
- He is the picture of unconditional love
- Jesco has given his life to Jesus and is going to Heaven (also unconfirmed)

Video Note: This music is from the opening scene of "Dancing Outlaw." Personally, we do not believe that if you want to get to Heaven "you have to raise a little hell" (ex. Romans 10:9)


Molly and Brad said...


Casey and Laura said...

glad you made a tribute to Jesco. He deserves it! :) yay! Cameron is almost here!

adam said...

love it! i find it pretty impressive that he is training himself to chill. disciplining mind and body for the arrival of "the little legend."

Christy Younger said...

That is hilarious!