Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two Posts in One Day! (You've Earned It)

I couldn't count the number of people who have asked us lately, "When are you going to update your blog again?!?!" [3 people]. Because Erin, Cam, and I have such a global audience [global = East TN and Greenville, SC], we've decided to give you two posts today for the price of one. So what's been going on?

We are wrapping up our third school-year here in Anderson County. I was talking to someone the other day and they were wondering how long will we stay in Oak Ridge/Clinton. It's an honest question. But our honest answer right now is that we have no plans of leaving. We love our home. We love our church. We love our people. And we absolutely love what our job allows us to do. A couple of weeks ago, we pulled off our first annual Young Life Tacky Prom. Our hope was to give our high school friends a night of fun and laughing and dancing without the cost, pressure, and temptation that most prom nights present. It was a blast. Nearly 100 folks danced the night away and had a blast. Some pics to prove it...

Jesco, our dog,  has been in rare form lately. By rare form, I mean he's chewing everything. And by everything, I mean our new rug, multiple pieces of paper, an "unchewable" bone, and my debit card. That's right - my Visa debit card. He would probably say he needs some attention. I would probably say he needs his butt kicked...

In health news, we've begun a lifestyle change here in the Accardi family. Erin has been cleared to start working out again and I have begun to strike fear into the heart of every elliptical machine at the National Fitness Center in Oak Ridge. For the last 8 weeks, I've been participating in a weight-loss challenge with 4 other guys. When it ends on Wednesday, I'll have lost about 15 lbs. I have NO DOUBT in my mind that I could have won the whole thing. Unfortunately, for the first 5 weeks of the competition, I was living in Casserole Kingdom as some generous friends brought us some very delicious-but-not-always-healthy meals. The good news is that this isn't a's a lifestyle change. My goal is to get down to what I was in high school: 175... OK, that's a lie. The last time I was 175 lbs. I was probably 9 years old...

This week, we're going to the beach. To say we're excited would be an understatement. It will be a great way to wrap up the school year and the perfect way to kick off the summer.

Anyways, Erin just told me that no one wants to read marathon blogs. So, I'll shut up and give you all what you're looking for. Here are some new pics of Cam:

You better believe that we'll have some beach pics coming soon so stay tuned!

Smiles All Around!

We've been smiling alot here at 140 Georgia Ave. Cam turns two months on Thursday and continues to live up to his nickname: The Little Legend. Here's a short video of his infectious little grin. The song in this video is called "Stop" by Andrew Peterson and Randall Goodgame. It's Cam's favorite song right now. I know that sounds silly but its true. If he's crying in the car, we can turn this song on and he quiets down. Pretty wild. Anyways, enjoy!