Thursday, February 25, 2010


We're ready and waiting. It's been a slow two weeks for us. The fact that Cam could come while I'm blogging this or that it could be another week has been an interesting thing to deal with. Suddenly, your to-do list gets that much more pressing because, who knows, tomorrow could be the day he decides to come and then our to-do list won't get done. On the other hand, once we mark things off the list (new brakes on the car, finish projects, etc) we're still waiting.

We've officially kicked Jesco out of what used to be a guest bedroom and transformed it into Cam's room. A thorough cleaning and two paint colors later (wasn't gray enough!), we're ready for him to arrive. Erin has done an awesome job at picking out things. There's still a few things left to add but here's a few pictures...

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*cami* said...

erin! you did such a great job. cam is going to LOVE it! praying for a peaceful delivery.

also...what color or paint did you end up liking? we are thinking of doing our bedroom in our new house grey.

much love to you 3.